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How to clean and service your Abu 6500 reel

Check out this great step by step on cleaning an Abu 6500 reel by forum member TerryG with the aid of Jarhead [...]

Winter Fishing – Cod season Tactics and Advice

Written By Forum member “Blanko” Once the Fireworks again appear in the shops in October, we turn our attention away a little from the traditional summer shore target fish and focus on the variety of winter [...]

A beginners guide to Bass fishing

Bass fishing for beginners. by Billy Bennett This is not a definitive guide to Bass fishing by the book, It’s more drawn from my own experience and tells of my own path to get where i [...]

Drop Rig – Make your own Pulley Drop bolt rigs

The drop rig is a variation of the popular Pulley Rig. It is a very good Ray rig, as the length of the snood makes it easier for them to drop onto the bait without the weight [...]

Baiting needles and Frozen Black Lug

During a recent fishing trip, I had a lad & dad pop up asking what we were catching on as they’d struggled a few bays down & only had one Whiting. I said mainly frozen Black,to [...]

Making your own Sea Fishing Rigs – Pulley Rig

The pulley rig is great rig for fishing rough ground. Dont take out word for it, heres Alan Yates explaining how they work and the benefits it provides. Its also an extemely easy rig to make [...]