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Bomber Rig – How to make your own rigs

The Bomber Rig Hopefully by the end of this how to you will be able to tie your own bomber rigs. This tutorial was created by forum member “Jarhead” Many thanks Dave!!     Getting started [...]

Making your own rod tip lights

Xmas has gone and money in short supply i made myself some tiplights for next to nothing I like to tinker about with anything, and ive come up with a tip light which i made and [...]

Making your own fishing weights – Breakaway Ultra leads

First of all before you do anything, make sure you have a well ventilated area to melt the lead. Lead fumes are very hazardous to health. Please ensure you take every precaution when following this post. [...]

Silicon Rig Sliders

Following on from Paul’s excellent Rig making tutorial, another option to using crimps to secure your snoods in place is to use what is known as silicon sliders. Why use silicon sliders? The big advantage is that [...]

Making your own two hook clipped rigs

I made a few rigs up the other day and thought id do another little how-to for anyone who doesnt know how to make them. They are easy enough with a little practice. First of all [...]

Abu Reels – Replacing Spool Bearings

Abu spool bearing replacement So your favourite casting reels have taken a bit of hammer over the summer and are starting to feel and run rough. With the poor weather conditions starting to set in, chances [...]