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Delalande Agrafe Lure clips

Just thought id give these a mention.

In the past when plugging or spinning i tend to just tie the spinner or plug straight on, which is a bit of a pain. But the problem is everything i have tried clip wise is either too big and bulky or too heavy so that it alters the swimming action of the lure. Even really small snap links can cause a surface lure to want to dive a little.

Obviously the smaller you go in snap links the weaker they are, and i have had them break in the past (its not good watching a prize plug heading to the horizon if you are not still attached to it!!!)

So i was in Gerrys the other week chatting to Darren, when he produced some new clips from a company called Dalalande.

The tiny Delalande Agrafe Lure clips really look the business!! Ultra light and subtle but strong!! And it takes two seconds to switch lures!!

Chris from Gerrys did this quick video for their site and he kindly said i could pinch it…. :thumb:

Give them a try this summer!!
The Delalande Agrafe Clips Currently retail at £3.10 per pack of 6 clips.
So we got onto the subject and Darren also pulled out some other clips, this time from a company called Kipper Enterprises – The no knot Fas-snaps.

These are made from spring steel, and look REALLY strong, and again they are REALLY light. They are a bit more fiddly to unclip than the Agrafe clips, but in the X large 40lb version they are still tiny clips!!!

Ill be giving them both a go this summer :thumb:


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  1. I recently bought a pack of these and found them easy to use, far easier then some link swivels where the link can be hard to open or only has a small clearance. It’s a 10 second job to change lure or plug with these clips, just a quick twist and its done.

    I only had a problem with one plug and that was because it had a particularly chunky split ring in an awkward position. I got the link on ok but could not get it off very easily.

    All in all an excellent product and one that I would recommend to anyone going lure fishing.

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