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The new bylaw banning all aspects of fishing within the Heysham bass nursery area is now in force.

Please see the press release below for more info.


NWIFCA Byelaw 5, Heysham Bass Nursery Area Prohibition of Fishing, has been signed off by Defra and entered into force at 00:01 on 11 June 2013. The byelaw states that: ‘No person shall fish for any sea fish nor shall have in their possession any article that could be used for fishing for sea fish in the Heysham Bass Nursery Area or within 10 metres of the shore boundary of the Heysham Bass Nursery Area unless with the written permission of the Authority’.

The purpose of the Byelaw is to properly protect young fish in the Bass Nursery Area, and to promote a greater adult population of bass, increasing supply of sized bass outside the area for both commercial and recreational fisheries. It will also facilitate better enforcement of bass minimum landing size.

Notices will be put up around the area and NWIFCA Inshore Fishery and Conservation Officers will start a program of education and enforcement with fishermen.


Should you observe any activity at Heysham that breaches NWIFCA Byelaw 5 then please contact using the following contacts:
* the Carnforth Office on 01524 727970
* the local Inshore Fisheries and Conservation Officer (IFCO) J. Moulton on 07880386950

Any intelligence on activity within the Byelaw 5 box is appreciated.
Please be advised however that IFCOs have enforcement powers conferred under section 166 of the Marine and Coastal Access Act 2009. NWIFCA would not want any member of the public to place themselves at risk in order to collect information on the Authorities behalf.
NWIFCA works to a sanctions policy that ensures it operates to the Hampton Principles of Better Regulation, this is available on the NWIFCA website here: http://www.nw-ifca.gov.uk/contents/imag … ix%203.pdf . This outlines how the various sanctions can be utilised, including a prosecution being pursued.
Enforcement presence at Heysham will be conducted by 4 IFCOs based locally and will form part of their regular duties across the whole district. Presence will be routine, ad hoc or intelligence led the latter of which the public play a role. – See more at: http://www.anglingaddicts.co.uk/forum/fishing-behind-the-power-station-is-now-banned-t8735-10.html#sthash.KxDqCMTS.dpuf


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