Fishing reports Kayak reports — 18 June 2010

I met up with PaulMDAC at Cleveleys yesterday morning. MarcCastalure and Trotter and his son were also on their way.
I knew the Smothies were there and Paul confirmed this when he Phoned his mates on Tiger 1. They were ancored a mile out and were catching no stop!!
We launched onto a sea that was as flat as a mill pool and paddled the 1 3/4 miles to were the Tiger 1 was ancored. The lads were busy with a fish on!

Our appitites wetted we quickley ancored up and got some baits down. I put Peeler on one line and Squid on the other…….you guessed it, first up was a doggie on whole squid…..greedy fecker!!

I followed this with 2 more doggies and Paul was into them too ;D
Then I had a good solid tug (Steady now) and the rod bent over……..Fish on :D Boy can these Smuts fight….they just don`t know when to give in, even on the boat.

Somewhere in the region of 8 lbs so matched my PB for a Stary allready :D
Next in was Paul, atlast after a succession of Doggies

Shortly after Marc,Tony and Sam came to join the party. It wasn`t long before Sam caught his first ever sea fish from a Yak and on his first outing at sea :D

around this time the tide really slackened of and the next couple of hours were very barren. The tide seemed to take forever to turn but at least the weather was positively tropical :D
Shortly after the tide finally turned it went berserk out there. everyone seemed to be into fish. It was awsome.I kicked off again with this Starry. Hard to picture when they wont keep still!

Then Paul was in too

The lads on Tiger 1 were in overdrive boating a succession of fish….this on was huge and went mental giving a good 10 minute scrap before being boated

Then Paul again and this a real Lunker

I had my share too :D

Paul again

then me ;D

Mark had managed a few too :D Around this time 4.20 is Marc,Tony and Sam headed for shore leaving PAul and me to soldier on……It`s a hard life sometimes ;D
In the next hour I think we both managed another 3 each. I had one arond 5lbs my smallest of the day Then I had an almighty scrap finally bringing a massive heavily pregnant female to the side of the boat (and judging by pictures I`ve seen of a 16.5lbs fish caught the day before she was easily in that ballpark) only for the hook to part company with the trace ::)……Oh well better she stayed in the water. I then boated this monster Starry that could easily have been 13/14lbs Just so dammed hard to get a decent picture. I think Paul tried but was looking innto the sun so I don`t know if it came out.

We were both now knackered after being on the water all day so we called it a day and headed for shore. As we got close to shore we spotted spomeone paddling around in an Ultra. It turned out to be Pipesmoker. Great to meet a man with such good taste in kayaks ;D I will be in touch the next time I`m out :D
A fantastic days fishing. Roll on the next :D

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