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Weymouth the Plaice to be

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Weymouth the Plaice to be

Postby mstangler » 22 Nov 2012, 00:15

Milnrow Sea Anglers Weymouth November 2012 Fish On Skipper Josh Simmonds
Milnrow Sea Anglers made our annual pilgrimage to Weymouth to fish aboard Josh Simmonds boat Fish on
7 anglers made the trip down on Thursday afternoon and one joined us early on Friday morning. (Anglers were PW, DP, CS, GD, MD, AQ, JF and KC ) ready to sail at 7:30, we loaded the ice and purchase a pound of Ragworm to add to our Squid and Prawn bait we had brought with us purchased from Chi Yip Manchester at a fraction of the tackle shop prices.
We had brought all out Bass tackle with us but we found out the Bass weren’t playing and Plaice was to be our target as the fishing this year of Weymouth for flatties had been fantastic and was showing no signs of ending (Fingers Crossed)
We set sail for the Mussel beds which are next to the race and started to drift with Plaice rigs adorned with Beads Spinners and Spoons of various designs but most sporting Black and Green beads in some form or other, The Weymouth Plaice like a bit of Bling.
Bait was a whole prawn whipped to the hook with bait elastic and tipped off with a Ragworm, but first fish on the scene were Black Bream and some nice fish there were as well.
Ken fishing a Tronix 1 down 2 up rig had a cracking bite and a fish which wasn’t a Bream was on the other end, Josh had the net out and a cracking Cod came in well over the 10 lb mark that certainly put a smile on Kens Face.
Josh said that the Plaice would switch on when the tide slowed up and he was right we were soon catching the odd plaice and soon they were coming fast and thick with some cracking quality plaice coming to the net.
Best of the plaice was a cracking fish of 5 lbs 8 ozs to Graeme our Treasurer
but everyone managed to get a good sized Plaice with best catch of 8 fish to Secretary Paul fishing on the stern ,
Quality Plaice for Paul 2 over 4 lbs and 3 over 3 lb
There were a few more smaller Cod and a few more Bream and pouting but eventually the Plaice went off the feed and a move was called for, we sailed around the Bill and headed off to a reef off Chesil where there was a chance of Bream and Conger, a species we were after having missed out on them all year. At stake a Memorial Shield to remember John Knox RIP who passed away last year. He loved his Conger fishing and fished the Weymouth Conger competition each year.
The tide was easing and the Bream started to show along with a few Pouting, Poor Cod and a solitary Red Gurnard to Dennis. Ken and Paul tried for the Conger and Ken had a few good pulls on his bait but couldn’t connect. Dennis had a bite and a heavy fish on his Bream rig which was soon off. This soon had us sending the Conger baits down and A Conger latched on to Secretary Paul’s bait of Squid and Mackerel head. After a bit of a tussle and a bit of line stripped from the reel a nice Reef Conger of 30 lbs came to the net, it was weighed by Ken on the club scales and with 2 more trips this year is in with a chance of the Shield.
Sausage John (He has a Sausage factory just in case you were thinking otherwise) had brought some cracking samples with him which Josh cooked up for us, they were great with a bit of English mustard Cheers John and Josh for cooking them.
A few more Bream and a solitary Dogfish for John and it was time to make a move back to port, we passed the rest of the fleet drifting close to the harbour for the Squid, we would have to leave that for Saturday’s trip.
A few pints before a shower back at the digs and back out for a meal and a nightcap and most were in the B&B for 11 pm.
Another cracking Breakfast or a Bacon Toast takeaway and we were back on the Boat again ready to do it all again. With Fresh bait but no ice as the fish shop wasn’t opening till 8:00 am
Ken had to give the fishing a miss has he had a bit of car trouble and was waiting for the RAC to sort him out so there was only seven of us for the Saturday
We swapped around positions on the boat from our Friday draw and soon were on the mark
We tried for a few Mackerel and had enough for bait later. And the plaice rigs were down along with a few Bream rigs,
Dennis was into a fish on his Bream rig to Squid head bait and it was a Bass of around 2 lbs another was also taken on the feathers fishing for Mackerel by Paul.
The plaice soon started to feed and John on the back of the boat was making the most of it with a rig supplied by Josh I think it was a trade off for the left over Sausages. He managed six and let everyone know each time he had another in the boat. A few more cod and a Tub Gurnard for Graeme and the tide had changed again and the plaice slowed down.
A move to the shambles bank to drift for flatties was next on the agenda and we spent a few hours on the drift with mackerel strips on 4/0 hooks and a few beds and spoons.
The fishing wasn’t as hot as the plaice fishing but a few Brill were caught with the Douglas brothers getting one a piece.
The afternoon was coming on and Josh recommended a move for the Squid to get there in good time and make the most of it.
After a few short drifts close to the harbour we contacted the Squid pack and we were in business
The trick was to get one on and use it as a spotter to attract the pack and as long as you kept one on the Squid lure you kept them coming to the boat a few times we lost the last one we had a wait until another was caught and they came on again. With the boat well inked and a box full of squid
another trip was over and we will have to wait until next June for our return to Weymouth
Cheers Josh another successful trip was in the bag.
Another night out on the town and a Sunday trip back north, on relatively quiet roads back home for 1:30 pm.
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Re: Weymouth the Plaice to be

Postby Bill Bodger » 22 Nov 2012, 00:48

Wow! What a fantastic couple of days fishing! You certainly got through a few species. :fish: :fishing:

Brilliant post :gp:

Thanks for sharing

BB 8-)
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Weymouth the Plaice to be

Postby Pugsie » 22 Nov 2012, 07:57

Brilliant fish mate what a day cheers for report :0)
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Re: Weymouth the Plaice to be

Postby tommytli » 22 Nov 2012, 09:02

:gp: lots of fish there :thumb:
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Weymouth the Plaice to be

Postby sharpey » 22 Nov 2012, 09:48

Oh it makes you want to go down there...( calm down you old fool...) what a great couple of days... And those Plaice..??? Brilliant fishing, lucky you...!!! Great read, thanks!!
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Re: Weymouth the Plaice to be

Postby Padsta Tel » 22 Nov 2012, 17:27

:gp: A brilliant report some happy faces on board that day thanks for showing us what were missing. :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :gp:
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Re: Weymouth the Plaice to be

Postby andyb71 » 22 Nov 2012, 20:37

thats a dream trip well done :cheer: :clap:
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Re: Weymouth the Plaice to be

Postby Rushy » 22 Nov 2012, 22:28

Sweet Mary! :shock: what a cracking trip that was! :yeah2: that's the stuff dreams are made of :clap:

Brilliant pictures and a top notch report, thanks for sharing :gp: :gp: :gp:
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Re: Weymouth the Plaice to be

Postby Baz C » 22 Nov 2012, 22:35

I haven't seen plaice like that since ......... ??? a very long time ago :roll:

Well done guys, green with envy here :notworthy:
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Re: Weymouth the Plaice to be

Postby TerryG » 23 Nov 2012, 00:43

Great report and pics lads, :clap: :clap: The smiley faces say it all :thumb: :thumb: :thumb: :gp: :gp: :gp:
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