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Field Tested my Flanker Speed Jigs by FishLab!

PostPosted: 24 May 2022, 02:58
by Scuba Chris
Of The 2 Available Sizes I Went With The 4-1/2in 1oz Lure Today!

The other size is 3-1/3in at 3/4oz. The rod i chose was the 9'9" Guide Select Pro. The reel? The NEW Limited Edition GT Spinning Reel also by Okuma. Reel was spooled with 10lb Eminent Braid. I do have the smaller size as well but taking "baby steps" with my Honda Pilot as i only put everything back together earlier this month. For now don't want to travel far or stay out all day.

I casted this lure all day long, easily over 100 casts near & far. I did get a triple strike off a pier that set the tight drag off 3x. Felt like a small Papi'o Jack. The scratches on the bottom of the Jig Bait proved that. Just by examining the stats & shape i already knew this lure was going to be "special". If i was going to design my own Speed Jig it would look just like this as well.

During my field testing of lures i look at distance achieved on the cast to how the lure reacts when retrieved slow to fast & being jerked hard to how it reacts going dead in the water. This tells me the type of environment it's best suited for. For me i see myself casting flat reefs starting at 2ft with the longer heavier lure. The smaller lighter lure would be fun to use on an ultra-light rig using 4lb monofilament line.