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Cedros Surf Rods! O'io! Papio! Moi! GT?

PostPosted: 19 Jan 2022, 02:03
by Scuba Chris
One Of The Strongest & Most Durable Surf Rods In My Arsenal!

I've been using the Cedros Surf Rods for years. 100's of hours invested from surf casting to plugging. Caught a lot of fish on them for family & friends. Usually mated with either a Azores or Cedros Spinning Reel. Last year the 12ft model was discontinued. Personally i found the 11ft rod could handle casting heavy leads to hoisting fish better than the 12ft.

The 12ft was more of a distance caster due to its length. A nice one-two combo. I used the 11ft for deeper depths & the 12ft for inshore reefs & flats. I was planning on retiring my first 11ft Cedros but decided to gift that rod with an Cedros Spinner to my friend Thomas McKinley.