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Cedros Surf Rods & Azores Spinners! Jacks to Bonefish (Misse

PostPosted: 14 Nov 2021, 03:44
by Scuba Chris
Held a GT For +40min! One Of The Most Versatile Line of Surf Rods & Reels!

For many years i've used both series of rods & reels. I used to get everything from Sports Authority before they closed years ago. I often waited for their sales. Every Cedros Rod to Azores Reels i've ever purchased not only has performed well throughout the years but are in usage to this day.

I usually like to target Jacks & Bonefish along the shorelines day or night using braid on sand flats to monofilament at night. I must say in all those years my Azores Reels never had to be sent back for servicing & none of my Cedros Rods ever saw damage. I recently added a few more rigs so gave the older rigs to good buddies of mine. They're catching Jacks & Bonefish with them to continue the tradition.

The intensity of the blue colors of the Cedros has recently changed & the white Azores are now blue. It hasn't changed their functionality. I consider the 11' Cedros the strongest size of the rods. The 12' was discontinued. The newer Blue Azores has enlarged gearing for salt water usage. My friends that i gifted my older rigs to are loving theirs as well. Thomas of TheHungryFisherman is scoring Bonefish on his rigs.