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Catching GODZILLA Sized Sand Crabs For Live Baiting!

PostPosted: 30 May 2021, 22:41
by Scuba Chris
Got Crab? What's The Secret To Catching Crabs? Keep Your Eyes On The Prize!

One of my not so best kept secrets about baiting is using live crab! It's an easy bait to catch if you know how. I call these type of crabs Sand Crabs, others know them as Ghost Crabs. This day i was using shrimp to draw in fish for my Spydro Underwater Camera to view.

I did get 2 hook-ups, one strike was cut off by a Pufferfish while the other another/or same Puffer bent the hook (all captured on camera). The last time i was here there were no homeless, now they have tents with needles laying around. Times are changing i'm afraid. So while i was dunking baits i was also collecting fresh bait for my next adventure.