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Rig & Cast Soft Shrimp From Shore!

PostPosted: 27 Mar 2021, 19:16
by Scuba Chris
Shore Casting Soft Shrimp w/out The Bait Ripping Off!

This tutorial is for the beginning angler on how to set-up your equipment to cast soft baits from shore w/out it flying off the hook. Today i'll be using frozen shrimp but will collect live bait (ie crab & glass shrimp) as back up. This tutorial will visually show how i rig my casting rig, better than pointing at a drawing. If you want to just view how it caught a Omilu (Bluefin Trevally) go to time frame 13:48 to see the action.

This method works with all live/dead baits from shrimp, fish, squid to crab for most species under 50lb (for bigger fish i'd add a rub line). In murky water i use cork to suspend the bait off the bottom for predators who visualize their prey. You don't have to use the same equipment that i employ but the technique i employ works. Use it as a template & vary it for your style, location & species you're targeting.