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My Largest Baitfeeder Spinner is a Coronado!

PostPosted: 15 Jan 2022, 07:17
by Scuba Chris
My LARGEST Baitfeeder Spinning Reel is The Okuma Coronado CDX-80!

I've owned huge spinners from time to time so i'm used to the higher line capacity to the extra weight. But i've always gave them away after time. Several years ago i purchased a Okuma Trios from Sports Authority. Now that reel had power & huge line capacity. Years passed and i met Robert Nguyen who told me to get the new Coronado 60. He promised me that i'd love it & will use it. He was right! Thanks Robert!

I've made a few videos on the previous units. But i had to purchase the newest & largest monster ever last year, the Coronado CDX-80! To date i've never used such a huge spinner before. This was validated when i used my Sportsman Innovations line spooler. The spool barely fit on the unit but i added spacers to spool the line on tightly.

Of all the spinners i've reviewed baitfeeders are still poorly understood by shoreline anglers. It's one of the most common questions i get. So on this review i'll try to be more descriptive and explain the functions in terms that a beginner can understand. If you still have a question i'll still answer it the best i can.

Coronado CDX-80
Line Retrieve 45.4"
Gear Ratio 4.8/1
Max Drag 37.5lbs
Weight 30.1oz