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Spooled Fluorocarbon "Instinct" Mainline on my 14' Whipping

PostPosted: 30 Oct 2021, 18:27
by Scuba Chris
Changing my Long Distance Whipping Rig From Okuma!

I recently got my Okuma Cedros 4000 Spinner & Soft Steel Instinct Fluorocarbon bulk spool. So decided to spool the fluoro on my new spinner. My first time spooling fluoro for my mainline. In the past the cost prevented me from trying fluoro. Yes, there are obvious benefits like smaller diameter line to a denser line that sinks. But it hardly stretches so i need to try it to see if it fits my game.

So i dug out my longest whipping rig in storage & replaced the 3000 spinning reel & braided line for a larger 4000 reel. If it works well for me i'll try it out on my bait casting rigs that i'm currently putting together.