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Nomad Express Travel Rods H & XH Fully Reviewed!

PostPosted: 23 Oct 2021, 05:22
by Scuba Chris
Okuma's NTXS-C-7114H & NTXS-C-7114XH Nomad Travel Rods Full Review!

Both the H & XH Nomad Travel Rods are & still part of my shore casting arsenal. I plan on taking them back to Isla de Pascua "Easter Island" & Cat Island in the Caribbean. Compact & powerful. I've had these for years & will continue to use them. Unfortunately Okuma has stopped manufacturing these Travel Rods but can still be had if you look online.

So i decided to give this line a full on review on how i feel about using them. No sugar coating. I heard Okuma will be releasing another line of travel rods shortly. Fingers crossed,,,