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Tripod guide - Ian Golds, Shakespeare Salt RT & IMAX

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Re: Tripod guide - Ian Golds, Shakespeare Salt RT & IMAX

Postby Cliffy » 06 Mar 2013, 18:48

I have a red MTI, not sure what the difference is to the blue but I have finally turned it into a good tripod. The little chrome screws that lock the leg braces , the plastic screws which position the leg braces on the front legs & the little levers which adjust the length of the front legs all had problems, the little levers are a touch too short as cold fingers struggle to flip these especially when packing up. After a couple of outings they became almost impossible to turn with your fingers, I oiled them but it was as bad on the next trip, then the sliding part of the front legs started to seize inside the upper section & I needed pipe grips to turn them & free them up. Finally the small chrome screws reacted with the ally threads on the leg braces & turned the ally to powder thus stripping the thread. It got so bad I was doing more maintenance on this than all my reels put together.

I cured the thread problem by running a tap through to make the size bigger & using stainless butterfly nuts, the front legs I gave a very gentle sanding to remove the white powdery deposits & sprayed them with silicon based oil, I also applied it to the release clips & main leg screw, after 6 months it could be geting towards another quick spray but it works very well & is extremely stable.
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Re: Tripod guide - Ian Golds, Shakespeare Salt RT & IMAX

Postby grumpyppops1 » 01 Oct 2014, 17:48

Hi Paul hows the polishing going.just found this review on the site.what a brilliant piece.glyn
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Re: Tripod guide - Ian Golds, Shakespeare Salt RT & IMAX

Postby G G » 18 Dec 2014, 22:14

i have shakespeaer saltit is very sturdy i admit it is bit heavey :wave:
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Re: Tripod guide - Ian Golds, Shakespeare Salt RT & IMAX

Postby skatenchips » 19 Dec 2014, 12:09

Excellent post .........

I use the Goldsy for 99% of sea angling in mild to moderate conditions..its brilliant.

but I drag the "bloody heavy" battering ram that is the MTI as it weighs a tonne and
on the Bristol channel kelpy and muddy venues its a must have when the weathers at its worst.

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Re: Tripod guide - Ian Golds, Shakespeare Salt RT & IMAX

Postby rochman » 18 Apr 2015, 12:16

Got the Rod Thompson version. Fished with it last Tues in a howling wind with large amounts of weed in the water by the Stone Jetty. Like the review said I was dubious about the depth of the rod cups /rests. I have to say I never had any sort of a problem with the pod despite having a huge hank of weed bend the rod double at one point. Very stable bit of kit. But, its early doors with this bit of kit so we will have to wait and see as regards durability. But if its as good as my R/T AXELLERATOR Cod rod then it will do for me LOL!!! :cheer:
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Re: Tripod guide - Ian Golds, Shakespeare Salt RT & IMAX

Postby Pete E » 21 Nov 2016, 10:55

I have the Shakespeare Salt and although ok, I think there are a lot of plastic parts that are not going to last, plus a couple of thumb screws that are critical to using the tripod, but could easily be lost.

Personally, if buying again, I would look at the Parker Pro telescopic tripods...Fewer plastic parts and often cheaper that the Salt.

Build wise, the Parker Pro Telecsopic is a step above the likes of the Salt and the Ian Golds....
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