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Tripod (Fisheagle, Diawa, NGT)

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Tripod (Fisheagle, Diawa, NGT)

Postby thairover » 02 Feb 2015, 13:51

Three months ago I bought the Hold Fast 1.8m Beach Tripod from Glasgow Angling.
Reason I bought this tripod, weight and the wide stance it offers for the two rods without using the extensions it also has inbuilt. Weight was a big issue for me as travelling around in the motor home weight is at a premium.

This is the same tripod rebranded by the three trade names above.
The two other options sell it as:
NGT Sea Pro Fishing Tripod System
Daiwa Beachrest
The tripod is not cheap (RRP) by any means when compared to the tried and tested old faithfuls that are around but can be bought discounted to around £35.
There are no tripod specific extras available at this time, such as rig holders and the likes.

The system when opened up ready for use is all secured by plastic cam locks to the triangular shaped aluminium tubing, this does offer great flexibility for rod height.
Adjustable height is from a tad over 1mtr to 1.86 mtr
It is not the most stable when fully extended on a solid surface like concrete as the is to much flex in the lesser diameter extension tubes as they are fully withdrawn from the outer tubes., in sand or pebbles it is more at home and the flex is not as noticeable.
It's stability comes from a sliding plastic support strut fixed to the front legs which slide up and down to alter the width of the legs and aid in it's compact storage, the second is the chain which stops the rear leg from splaying out on hard surfaces, the tripod need to be fully extended for this to work.

The bottom extension arm holding the bottom butt cups suffer from the similar issues movement from the being held in place by a single fixing (plastic cam locks) slid onto the rear leg, though I must say the idea is top notch, in that you can get around 50cm in between your rods which gives plenty of room for the bigger FS reels, The top holder does not have the same issue as this is held in place with a plastic covered thumb thumb turn screw.
The top and bottom cups are deep so hold the rods well though I have found some light scratches to the rod finish from the top holder that has what I will call a small raised seam, where the rod sits the seam is also underneath so part of process when manufactured which with a little more work could have been removed on the upper section after moulding.
The upper holder bar also has vertical and lateral adjustment with a weigh scale hook fitted to the bottom though I tend to hang a plastic bag from this with some additional weight in it to give more stability on hard surfaces.
Come in a heavy cordura bag with velcro fixing. 10/10. :cheer:

The NGT pic shows the ront leg strut in its free position on setting up or packing away.

Overall rating is 6-10 mainly because of it's stability (lack of weight) on hard surfaces, it gets a 10/10 for it's weight and compactness for travelling to marks.

On a side note I lost one of the solid metal spikes from the rear leg, first time on a beach, no spares available. :o Glasgow angling have sent me a another tripod as a replacement so I now have two. :D just need to find a spike. lol

Would I buy again at £34 probably not I'd go for the Imax Telescopic similar price though not as flexible in it's use but more stable and just a little heavier.
NGT Beach Pro - Telescopic Sea Tripod and Case ( 143 ).png
NGT Beach Pro - Telescopic Sea Tripod and Case ( 143 ).png (12.42 KiB) Viewed 1611 times
Fisheagle Hold Fast 1.8m Beach Tripod – Glasgow Angling Centre.png
Fisheagle Hold Fast 1.8m Beach Tripod – Glasgow Angling Centre.png (35.22 KiB) Viewed 1611 times
Fisheagle Hold Fast 1.8m Beach Tripod – Glasgow Angling Centre.png
Fisheagle Hold Fast 1.8m Beach Tripod – Glasgow Angling Centre.png (35.22 KiB) Viewed 1611 times
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Re: Tripod (Fisheagle, Diawa, NGT)

Postby tarmacduck » 07 Feb 2015, 06:27

Very comprehensive review thx for your efforts :gp:
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Re: Tripod (Fisheagle, Diawa, NGT)

Postby lugs40 » 18 Sep 2015, 20:52

My daughter brought me the ngt tripod as I have been dropping hints ..
I looked at pics on ebay and it did look very similar to my old 1 which I've had
For probably 15+years. Only thing wrong with it was the head wobbles a little
And it's got few scratches.. well what a load of rubbish the ngt is its flimsy
Build quality, took it out of its bag which is about the only good bit , tried
To stand it up in the living room to look at it and the plastic holding the legs together
Snapped.. don't touch with a bespoke these are a waste of money... the diawa an the fish eagle
Are not the same build as this rubbish...
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