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Starr Gate 05 July

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Starr Gate 05 July

Postby Willpower » 06 Jul 2022, 08:39

On the beach with Rowley for 08.30 and soon had baits in the water. As I was off trying to collect some fresh worm I notice that Terry had arrived and was having a chat with Rowley. A little later on I wandered over and had a chat to Terry myself (good excuse for a rest whilst pumping). First fish was a 45cm Bass for me, then followed a schoolie, and another good Bass lost when it the managed to roll over and slip the hook out about 10' from me beaching it. I managed another Bass at 47cm and a Tope pup.
R0wley had a terrific bite which saw him reel like a maniac just to make contact with his weight. The fish then stopped and wouldn't move. As it was only about 50' out, I waded in sliding Rowleys line through my had to see what was going on. I got right to the snood and gave a gentle pull and it came away. Goodness knows what was laying just below my hand, but it wasn't for moving.
Rowley then had a schoolie and what was to be the best fish of the session, a Bass at 55cm. Just before we left the beach, Rowley managed the scabbiest Dab we both had ever seen. Mottle with greeny brown patches and a circular red growth on its underside. Must have been holidaying from Sellafield.
So 4 fish for me and 3 for Rowley - happy days.
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Re: Starr Gate 05 July

Postby shacky » 06 Jul 2022, 09:06

Well done boys :clap: more Silvers on your lists :thumb: and a Big unknown ???
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Re: Starr Gate 05 July

Postby bob1 » 06 Jul 2022, 09:58

Good result Lads well done :thumb:
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Re: Starr Gate 05 July

Postby TurboT » 06 Jul 2022, 10:46

Top :fishing: chaps. That Starr Gate giveth ....and then giveth some more. :fish: :clap:
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Re: Starr Gate 05 July

Postby pensioner pete » 06 Jul 2022, 10:57

You two are becoming bass experts , well done to both of you.
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Re: Starr Gate 05 July

Postby rob f » 06 Jul 2022, 12:20

Well done guys :thumb:
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Re: Starr Gate 05 July

Postby Terrybrown » 06 Jul 2022, 16:25

Great session lads :clap: good to see you both caught. :thumb:
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Re: Starr Gate 05 July

Postby Paul R » 06 Jul 2022, 18:52

Another top south shore session, well done lads. :gp:
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Re: Starr Gate 05 July

Postby JoeRoberts » 06 Jul 2022, 20:58

Kings of the low water, well done Mike & Rowley :thumb:
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Re: Starr Gate 05 July

Postby Granvillen » 07 Jul 2022, 11:33

Always nice to catch Bass, Well done .
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