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Spooling a NEW Conventional! Mono or Braid? Why?

Spotted something new on the market?? Want advice on which rod or reel?? Post in here.

Spooling a NEW Conventional! Mono or Braid? Why?

Postby Scuba Chris » 21 Jul 2021, 05:22

1st Peak at a NEW Prototype Reel Being Tested! Using a Line Spooler Meant For Spinners Only to Spool Line On! Pro & Cons on Mono or Braid?

Another challenge has fallen in my lap. Take an untested reel sent by Okuma and put it through its paces. I had to make decisions regarding the use of monofilament or braid? Pound test? What rod to mount it on. Also my Fishon Line Spooler from Sportsman Innovations only does spinning reels. So i figured out another way of spooling my reel.

So what is the thought process of what type of line to use? I love challenges like this, forces me to learn & to teach myself. This is just the beginning. I'll have to practice casting w/different weights depending on the rod i'll use. For now i'm using my HCS 14'2" Surf Rod. Might try a new 12ft rod next (prototype being revealed at ICAST next week. Years ago i was thrust into this w/no training. Had to teach myself. Now i'm still teaching myself as the equipment is always changing & evolving.

If i go mono i'll have line that stretches as braid doesn't. Less chance of the line breaking. Also resist abrasions much better than braid. But the larger line diameter limits how much line i can spool on. Also the thicker line diameter creates more wind resistant compared to braid. Now braid doesn't stretch & the thinner line diameter means i can spool more line on & i can cast farther due to less air resistance against the line. But on the downside any abrasions create weak points.

I may not earn a living doing this but i'm enriching my life with new challenges. As an angler myself i find it exciting to test a new rod or reel. The innovations coming out is mind blowing. Take this new Alijos. It's called a "Mini Makaira" because it's a highly compact powerhouse of the trolling originals. It has a cast control system that's not magnetic. The free spool is unreal. To cast far the incorporated features include the combined benefits of Thrust Bearings & TSI Oil. More information will be revealed after ICAST.
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