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Ribble today spring has sprung

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Ribble today spring has sprung

Postby Shane ousby » 10 Apr 2021, 19:50

Well 6th time lucky hopefully 5 blanks and heading out for the river hhhmmmm :nonono: dodgy...just when you’re thinking things will have picked up now there was a frost this-am be it light it’s north westerly not easterlies which was at least helpful but play it safe go light
Cracking morning to be out
1 rod couple of rigs bait frozen lug sand eel couple of weights away we go...the track was full of life heading down to the marsh dunnocks were fighting in the grass feisty little birds they are
the males want to mate with as many females as they can which is understandable I suppose when your wild little healthy dunnock...good luck to him...and the frogs have spawned
Frog spawn
in the ditches all you can hear is croaking but it’s not just the frogs croaking this morning the flying frog the ravens have their territory now and they guard it strictly.their croaking let’s every thing know their around well tides in I drop down the bank set up and bang out a bait frozan lug with sand eel what a morning to be out on the river you can hear for miles from men talking on a yacht coming up the Douglas you could hear them before you see them to sheldrake hitting the water further up river the sun was shining like a summer morning no hat required today well the tide rose and the first flounder
grabbed the bait a steady later first hour gave me three flounder the 2nd hour which normally gives the most gave the least today basically ..zilch..over the last few months and last year there are a lot of people wandering around I am glad to say they stick to the path and don’t venture but 2 women were caught out a bit back and were rescued by the coast guard ....the wife and I-were walking on the marsh and I had to shout to a guy who had wandered across a gully to a large sand bank-and the tide was cutting him off you could see it playing out in front of your eyes his wife was on the bank he had a 3 year old kiddy in his arms he came back but only just before the water cut him off my wife said I was abrupt with him I said there alive aren’t they it’s just a place we’re you don’t play.....well I’ve had enough de tackle and retreat to the lane wander home in the sunshine it was a great peaceful morning fishing just not many fish don’t know why but that’s the ribble flattie fishing it’s a funny old game the bees were out in force pollinating
great morning to be out fish or not :victory: :victory:
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Re: Ribble today spring has sprung

Postby shacky » 10 Apr 2021, 20:02

Well done Shane :clap: it’s nice to break the blank, especially In this crazy weather. Those flounder definitely keep you out of trouble :thumb: Keep it up :gp:
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Re: Ribble today spring has sprung

Postby pensioner pete » 10 Apr 2021, 20:34

Well done Shane , fish are difficult to come by at the moment but you cracked it.
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Re: Ribble today spring has sprung

Postby rob f » 10 Apr 2021, 21:05

Top session Shane , it's good to see your out catching again. Well done mate :thumb:
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Re: Ribble today spring has sprung

Postby JoeRoberts » 10 Apr 2021, 21:06

:gp: Well done Shane, good to see you beat the run of blanks :thumb:
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Re: Ribble today spring has sprung

Postby bob1 » 10 Apr 2021, 21:26

Well done Shane no blank well done :thumb:
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Re: Ribble today spring has sprung

Postby ray » 11 Apr 2021, 06:32

a cracking report Shane, well done on beating the blank. :thumb:
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Re: Ribble today spring has sprung

Postby TurboT » 11 Apr 2021, 07:18

Top report. :thumb: Sun, scenery, wildlife, lemmings and :fish: :fish: :fish: . :gp:
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Re: Ribble today spring has sprung

Postby Willpower » 11 Apr 2021, 08:10

Great report & photos as usual Shane. Well done on getting into the mud sharks.
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Re: Ribble today spring has sprung

Postby Terrybrown » 11 Apr 2021, 08:14

Great report Shane, well done :thumb: and great photos mate. :cheer:
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