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P issed off

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P issed off

Postby Marshy » 11 May 2021, 21:10

don't know how this gone go down but here we go

I have just wasted 2 hours plus crabing up at half moon bay bare with me didn't find any thats not the problem what is and it massive bug of mine when rocks get truned of to point the sea weed starts die and stick if your stronger ength to toss the rock over put them f ucking back coz it is worse I ever seen it right now. All the way round from in front of cafe down the wall to me it's not rocket science to keep the crab coming they need some where peel if no one ever truned the rocks back where would we be then.. if need to source crab for fishing don't leave to the last min where your rushing around than u leave rocks turn up..

The other way to put it the people how are doing this wouldn't like us put rotten food in there house so why do it to where nature lives :banghead: :box: :banghead: :box: :banghead:
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Re: P issed off

Postby liphook » 12 May 2021, 10:06

I hear you Marshy but I doubt the idiots will :banghead: We live in a world of selfish twits
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