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+++ november species hunt standings +++++

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+++ november species hunt standings +++++

Postby rugbydanny99 » 01 Dec 2021, 13:02

welcome back guys, please find october’s species hunt standings


november Update.

1st 22 TurboT Bass, Shanny, Conger, Coalfish, Dab, Dogfish, Flounder, Gurnard, Launce, Mackerel, Plaice, Pollock, Pouting, Sea Scorpion, Silver Eel, Smooth hound, Sole, Thornback, Tope, Tompot Blenny, Weever , Whiting

2nd 18 Sir Humphrey Rtd Bass, Dab, Cod, Dogfish, Flounder, Gurnard , Mackerel, Plaice, Pollack, Rockling, Silver Eel, Smooth hound , Sole, Thornback, Tope, Turbot, Weever ,Whiting

3rd 16. Rob F Bass, Shanny, Dab, Dogfish, Flounder, Gurnard , Plaice, Rockling, Silver Eel, Smooth Hound , Sole, Thornback, Tope, Weever, Whiting, cod

4th 15. Shacky Bass, Bull Huss, Dab, Dogfish, Flounder, Gurnard , Mackerel, Plaice, Smooth Hound, Silver Eel, Sole, Tope, Weever, Whiting, 5 beard rockling

5th 12 Joe Roberts Bass, Dab, Dogfish, Flounder, Gurnard , Plaice, Smooth Hound , Sole, Tope, Turbot, Weever, Whiting

6th 10 Ray Bass, Dab, Dogfish, Flounder, Plaice, Sea Scorpion, Sole, Thornback, Tope, Whiting

6th 10 Billbob Bass, Dab, Flounder, Gurnard , Plaice, Silver Eel, Sole, Thornback, Tope, Weever

8th 7 Willpower Bass, Dab, Flounder, Silver Eel, Smooth Hound , Tope, Weever

9th 6 Paul R Bass, Dab, Dogfish, Smooth Hound, Sole, Thornback,

9th 6 Duke Bass, Dab, Dogfish, Flounder, Plaice, Tope

9th 6 Kitch Dab, Dogfish, Plaice, Thornback, Tope, Weever ,

9th 6 Manchester Newbie Gurnard, Poor Cod, Pollack, Pouting, Thornback, Whiting

13th 5 Rowley Bass, Dab, Dogfish, Flounder, Plaice

14th 5 Bob1, Dab, Dogfish, Flounder, Rockling, Whiting

15th 4 Ian4782 Bass, Dogfish, Plaice, Smooth hound,

16th 4 Ian Conway Dab, Plaice, Silver Eel, Thornback

17th 4 Jaguarbob Dab, Plaice, Tope, Bass

18th 3 Charlie Junior Goby, Plaice, Whiting

19th 2 Millsy Plaice, Weever
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Re: +++ october species hunt standings +++++

Postby TurboT » 01 Dec 2021, 13:52

Thanks Danny, you are on the ball :thumb:
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Re: +++ october species hunt standings +++++

Postby rob f » 01 Dec 2021, 14:39

Thanks for the update Danny . :thumb:
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Re: +++ october species hunt standings +++++

Postby JoeRoberts » 01 Dec 2021, 22:09

Thanks for update Danny :thumb:
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