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Postby Scuba Chris » 31 Aug 2021, 20:50

Manybar Goatfish "Moana"!

This morning i hit the edge of a surge channel where the water from the reef was feeding the surge channel during the period of high tide elapsing towards low tide. The resulting eddies & currents stir up the bottom bringing up nutrients for smaller fish which in turn attracts the predators. Got 4 hits & misses before a Manybar Goatfish (Parupeneus multifasciatus) finally hit the new orange extended glow grub supplied by Completely Hooked Lures.

Legal size on Oahu is 7in, this one is 8in (on Maui legal size is 8in). Locally this fish is refered as a Moana. Very tasty pan fried. After the 1st one a school of Barracuda's decided to demolish my grub supply. No sense sticking around as i'm sure they chased away all other fish. I used a 7'9" Okuma Steelhead Light Drift rod with a Shimano Stradic 3000 CI4 with 6lb Seaguar clear monofilament. My 8ft leader is Sakura 8lb Fluorocarbon. Hook is #6 O'Doul (self-baiting curved shape means the tip won't snag the reef for shallow water usage).

I used a CHL 2in extended glow grub (orange is the newest color) with glow threads & glow bead added. Video was done by a Contour Roam#2 action camera with a neutral density filter on a headband mount (very light-weight).

Best pan fried breakfast in awhile!
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