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My Longest Whipping Rod at 14ft!

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My Longest Whipping Rod at 14ft!

Postby Scuba Chris » 28 Apr 2022, 07:40

Hawaiian Custom Series 14ft Menpachi Rod (HWA-S-1402MHA)!

Years ago Okuma unveiled the 14ft Menpachi rod for shoreline whippers targeting Akule (Mackerel Scad) at night in Hilo & Kono Harbors. This rod turned out to be an instant success. Now the average shoreline angler can target fish farther out from shore at night than before. I thought i was doing well with my 9'9" Guide Select Pro & my 10'6" T40X. But i'm now getting maybe another 20-30yd farther out.

Even at a 50/50 split these are 7ft sections. I use Fishing Butlers to strap the sections together. I've tried 3000, 4000 & 6000 spinning reels day & night. My 4000 Blue Azores felt the best for weight & balance. Now i use a 4000 Cedros spinner. The 3000 was a bit on the small side though it's still ok. A 5000 or 6000 is a bit large but she goes. Just remember if you go all night weight will be an issue unless you're bait casting.

For this i used videos of my 7'9" & 9' T40X Okuma Rods to concentrate on whipping closer to shore for Akule. I really didn't want to show my night vids catching using this 14ft as it would give away my areas. Still if i'm catching using a shorter rod, well you know. I tried using this rod in town during the day & had fun with releasing small Jacks to Cudas. I let a local shore caster use my rig for a few minutes before he left for the nearest tackle shop to get one for himself. Always better to arrive at your own decision.
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