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Lee Production Pot/Lead melting pot

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Re: Lee Production Pot/Lead melting pot

Postby liphook » 18 Jan 2015, 18:38

Great news Paul. I will be ordering one now :thumb:
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Re: Lee Production Pot/Lead melting pot

Postby Paul » 18 Jan 2015, 19:34

It doesnt come with a plug, i had one lying around in the garage, but check you have one to avoid disappointment!!

I'm happy with it though, does the job well. Holds 10lb of lead apparently.... was surprised how quick it melted the lead too, and on full power the lead is that hot it will melt through a cm thick piece of cold lead sheet - I've since turned it down a bit lol

Towards the end the flow seemed to slow a bit - (thinking ello, here we go, problems already!!) but i just gave the nozzle a bit of a poke with a bit of grip wire and it was bob on again, must have just been a bit of slag/dross in the hole
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