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Gynn wall 25/09

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Gynn wall 25/09

Postby JoeRoberts » 25 Sep 2021, 21:29

AA convention today on the wall with Shaky, Paul, Kenny, Sir Humph & good to meet Turbo. But I chose the short straw :crazy: but did manage 4 tings & a spoty



and another warm Autumn day to boot
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Re: Gynn wall 25/09

Postby TurboT » 25 Sep 2021, 21:35

Well done Joe :thumb: It was tough going further North......Your straw was the same as mne :groan:
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Re: Gynn wall 25/09

Postby rob f » 25 Sep 2021, 21:46

nice one Joe :thumb:
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Re: Gynn wall 25/09

Postby pensioner pete » 25 Sep 2021, 22:18

Blank beaten Joe is a result, well done.
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Re: Gynn wall 25/09

Postby shacky » 25 Sep 2021, 22:39

Good effort Joe :clap: caught a few and a pleasant day out :thumb:
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Re: Gynn wall 25/09

Postby Paul R » 26 Sep 2021, 07:26

Well done Joe a few fish, and some great weather :thumb:
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Re: Gynn wall 25/09

Postby Terrybrown » 26 Sep 2021, 08:00

Well done Joe, a few :fish: result. :thumb:
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Re: Gynn wall 25/09

Postby bob1 » 26 Sep 2021, 08:49

Good result Joe well done :thumb:
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Re: Gynn wall 25/09

Postby Willpower » 26 Sep 2021, 09:58

Nice to be catching Joe, well done.
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Re: Gynn wall 25/09

Postby flearider » 26 Sep 2021, 16:17

few fish and the thoughts of cod soon to come ..
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