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Gynn wall 22/11

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Gynn wall 22/11

Postby JoeRoberts » 01 Dec 2021, 23:00

It was a nice day on the Gynn today with fresh black & rag & 2 packs of blow lug a guy gave me while at Sandside on Friday (he didn't want anything for them, but I gave him one of my coat hanger rigs)



It wasn't long before the first rattles & a dab after about 30 mins


I have waited all year for a slug then 2 came at once, just like buses

14-Rockling, Gynn wall, 22nd November.JPG

A bit of entertainment while I waited


The rods where rattling all the time then the culprit came ashore


Next came a flounder


Then the 4th species of the day, a teeny ting


And a nice end to the session

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Re: Gynn wall 22/11

Postby Paul R » 02 Dec 2021, 08:05

Well done Joe, a few fish and great weather. :thumb:
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Re: Gynn wall 22/11

Postby rugbydanny99 » 02 Dec 2021, 08:15

top report joe and a few fishies to keep you busy
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Re: Gynn wall 22/11

Postby TurboT » 02 Dec 2021, 08:42

Well done Joe :thumb:
That low level butterfly almost came to grief in my air space. :crazy:
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Re: Gynn wall 22/11

Postby pensioner pete » 02 Dec 2021, 09:47

Another for the hunt Joe and a good session, well done.
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Re: Gynn wall 22/11

Postby rob f » 02 Dec 2021, 10:20

Well done Joe :thumb:
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Re: Gynn wall 22/11

Postby shacky » 02 Dec 2021, 11:10

Top dangaling on a difficult day :clap: plus a Slug for the hunt :thumb:
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Re: Gynn wall 22/11

Postby bob1 » 02 Dec 2021, 11:39

Good result well done mate :thumb:
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Re: Gynn wall 22/11

Postby Shane ousby » 02 Dec 2021, 17:30

Well done joe :thumb:
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Re: Gynn wall 22/11

Postby Willpower » 03 Dec 2021, 08:14

Result Joe, another for the hunt.
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