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Gynn Wall 20th and 21st

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Gynn Wall 20th and 21st

Postby Sir Humphrey Rtd » 22 Sep 2021, 12:04

After copying with the runners on Sunday it was back on the Gynn Monday morning, this was a bit of a clan gathering as we had all three brothers fishing today.

Conditions had flattened off and a bright if chilly morning greeted us.

1 Conditions.jpg

Bait was black, rag and squid, 3 rods fished close, mid and long (for me).

First cast, first fish a plaice just undersize at 25 cm on rag at mid distance.

2 Plaice.jpg

Then the "pin" whiting started to show up

3 Whiting.jpg

Just before high something beat the whiting to the bait a decent Dab at 26cm on black.

4 Dab.jpg

Then from the close in rod took off down the wall and a small tope at 50cm on my urfe rig guess what he was chasing

5 Tope.jpg

With it being a nice day and having a bit of a :blah: :blah: stuck it out to well into the ebb and paid off as an hour into the ebb nice plaice at 30cm on the urfe rig fished at mid distance on black

6 Plaice.jpg

Managed another plaice at 27cm the last cast again on black at distance. So finished the session with a dab, 3 plaice, 1 tope and 15 pin whiting. Our Baz and Keith as well as the obligatory whiting each had a doggie and a sole so there are a variety of fish there if they can beat the whiting to the bait.

Back down yesterday morning with just our Baz but couldn't get on the spot we fished yesterday so headed up to the slip at St Stephens, a bit bleaker this morning with a cool NW breeze and cloudy.

1 Conditions.jpg

Only difference in bait is I had dug out some sand eel with the dogfish showing yesterday.

Same set up as yesterday apart from a pennel fishing at distance in the hunt for my first doggie of the year.

And the wait commenced unlike yesterday there was nothing showing for an hour and a quarter and then the first of the whiting appeared

2 Whiting.jpg

Then target achieved dogfish on the sandeel taking the top hook on the pennel

4 Dogfish.jpg

The whiting continued and then around high a couple of plaice showed up but unlike yesterday they were only small both on rag at mid distance

5 Plaice.jpg

Gave it an hour into the ebb before :giveup: :giveup: as we had run out of bait so the tally for the day was a dogfish, 2 plaice and again 15 pin whiting. Our Baz had similar but swapping out a small tope for the dogfish.
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Re: Gynn Wall 20th and 21st

Postby shacky » 22 Sep 2021, 12:43

Nice mix'n'match session for you Bryan :clap: and back in on the hunt again :thumb: Good dangaling :gp:
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Re: Gynn Wall 20th and 21st

Postby bob1 » 22 Sep 2021, 13:40

Great day lads well done :thumb:
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Re: Gynn Wall 20th and 21st

Postby pensioner pete » 22 Sep 2021, 16:32

Well done Bryan a nice mix of fish over the two days.
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Re: Gynn Wall 20th and 21st

Postby TurboT » 22 Sep 2021, 19:01

Super bag there Bryan :thumb: And another for the hunt. Well done :thumb: :thumb:
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Re: Gynn Wall 20th and 21st

Postby Paul R » 22 Sep 2021, 19:06

well done bryan a few fish there :clap:
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Re: Gynn Wall 20th and 21st

Postby JoeRoberts » 22 Sep 2021, 21:13

2 nice sessions Bryan, well done
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