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Gynn Wall 15/11 and Fleetwood Channel 16/11

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Gynn Wall 15/11 and Fleetwood Channel 16/11

Postby Sir Humphrey Rtd » 17 Nov 2021, 14:21

Well after the session on Sunday night decided to head back down to the Gynn on Monday evening to see what was about.

When we got down there couldn't fish any of our usual marks as the St Stephens stretch was full (surprised as it had been quite on Sunday) so ended up on the Cavendish Road stretch.

Bait was black, rag and peeler. Three rods one at distance fishing pennel, one mid distance fishing a flapper and a third rod fishing a live bait rig.

First cast and the little whiting were there and stayed throughout the tide.

2021-11-15 18.50.40.jpg

Continued to catch throughout the tide and :giveup: an hour into the ebb, 18 whiting in all but only a couple in size :roll:

And the live bait rig how did that fish you ask, three chucks three whiting but unfortunately they were among the biggest whiting of the night at 24, 25 and 28 cm taking a size 6 hook baited with miniature blackworm baits.

At least our Baz managed a couple of dabs amongst the whiting.

So with some crab left it was looking for somewhere to use it and we decided to try Fleetwood Channel fishing the ebb on Tuesday morning, we arrived 2 hours after high and fished it down till the run stopped.

1 Conditions.jpg

2 Conditions.jpg

Two rods both fishing flapper rigs, one closer in and one cast out into run, bait was rag and peeler.

Started by missing a couple of decent bites :banghead: :banghead: but then our Baz landed a small codling. My first fish was a rockling from close in

3 Rockling.jpg

But then as I was rebaiting same rod went again and it was a little codling, it may have been small but it was the first one I have seen this year :D

5 Codling.jpg

Another rockling followed and then managed a flounder form close in again on crab

6 Flounder.jpg

Then the rockling started to appear in pairs

7 Rockling double.jpg

Went for a :blah: :blah: with our Baz and when I came back close in rod was dancing and when I reeled in a eel which had destroyed a flapper rig

8 Eel.jpg

Then next fish was a total surprise and a first for me on this coast in over 40 years a small Pollock (25cm) on rag worm from the bottom of the bank close in :yeah2:

9 Pollock.jpg

10 Pollock.jpg
Close up

Wrapped up the session with another rockling which meant that I had managed a codling, eel, flounder, pollock and 5 rockling so all in all nothing major but a varied session. Our Baz managed a couple of small codling, a couple of flounder and a few rockling. Best bait was crab.

I will add if you do fish the ebb on the channel watch your step, the shingle drop off rapidly from just below the high water mark at about 45 degree angle!!!! It doesn't really show on the photo below but it is dramatic!

11 steep.jpg
Steep drop off in the shingle bank to be aware of
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Re: Gynn Wall 15/11 and Fleetwood Channel 16/11

Postby pensioner pete » 17 Nov 2021, 14:43

Two good sessions and a surprise species for the hunt, well done Bryan.
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Re: Gynn Wall 15/11 and Fleetwood Channel 16/11

Postby Terrybrown » 17 Nov 2021, 15:47

Well done Bryan, I fished there Monday, the channel,every cast , hooks were stripped by crabs :gp:
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Re: Gynn Wall 15/11 and Fleetwood Channel 16/11

Postby bob1 » 17 Nov 2021, 16:30

Good result well done :thumb:
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Re: Gynn Wall 15/11 and Fleetwood Channel 16/11

Postby TurboT » 17 Nov 2021, 17:47

The channel of suprizes. Well done Bryan. :thumb: :gp:
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Re: Gynn Wall 15/11 and Fleetwood Channel 16/11

Postby shacky » 17 Nov 2021, 19:24

Top dangaling Bryan :clap: Well deserved for all the shifts you have put in :thumb: Super species mix :gp:

I fished the Daiwa open one year (early 90s) and was pegged next to the Marine Baths outflow pipe. I caught 3 small Polock, alas too small.
So it's nice to see them back :fish:
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Re: Gynn Wall 15/11 and Fleetwood Channel 16/11

Postby pros » 17 Nov 2021, 19:25

Nice surprise there, very helpful for the hunt, well done.
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Re: Gynn Wall 15/11 and Fleetwood Channel 16/11

Postby senatorkenny » 19 Nov 2021, 07:26

Well done Bryan nice sesh thanks for the report :fish: :thumb:
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Re: Gynn Wall 15/11 and Fleetwood Channel 16/11

Postby Paul R » 01 Dec 2021, 10:42

Bit late well done on the 2 sessions Bryan :thumb:
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Re: Gynn Wall 15/11 and Fleetwood Channel 16/11

Postby JoeRoberts » 01 Dec 2021, 22:06

Well done Bryan :thumb:
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