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Golden hour ribble today

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Golden hour ribble today

Postby Shane ousby » 21 May 2022, 22:42

You can smell the cow parsley growing in the hedgerow verges as you walk to the marsh there’s a bit of a wind but it’s warmish the winds coming from the west but after an hour on the open marsh you will need your coat moving down to the river over the marsh the cattle our grazing and they instantly think it’s fun to gather round you and follow you to the mark after 10 minutes rodeo work you manage to move them away and set up 2 rods one at distance with a big hook baited up with fresh peeler crab held in place by a 6 oz gripper I was after one species in mind here re the big hook it’s been a few weeks since I was last here 7 visits. 7 blanks..not good but you keep going you remember previous catches and you want something like that rod close in 2 hook flapper fresh black plus fresh peeler we’ll both rods are out prep a couple of crabs then catch a brew.sitting down while you drink watching the river clocking what’s about there’s movement amongst the cattle at first I thought who has there dog loose but then I get a better look that bushy tail
only one fella carry’s that it’s a fox moving over the marsh casually so casual he even drops some s… before moving over the marsh the second hour of the tide and bingo a knock in comes the first muddy first fish of the day and the flounder keep coming it turns into crazy hour nothing size wise but fish all the same regularly bouncing the rod tips even the distance rod gave me a flounder which was smaller then the bait but big bait back out with a bass in mind but the bass never came but the flounder played today and the blank was broke I am going abroad fishing Monday I am off to rossal ..I head up the lane from the marsh not a bad session with the mud sharks good to get back wetting a line
walking back up the hedgerow and the tractor track the verges were in full bloom and the swallows
were ambushing flies up and down the lane …beats working lads….enjoy your fishing I did mine today… :victory:
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Re: Golden hour ribble today

Postby Willpower » 22 May 2022, 05:26

Blank broken and another great report/photos Shane.
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Re: Golden hour ribble today

Postby Frank S » 22 May 2022, 05:30

Excellent report and fish caught as well. Well done :clap: :thumb:
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Re: Golden hour ribble today

Postby pensioner pete » 22 May 2022, 08:36

Well done Shane blank beaten, great pictures.
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Re: Golden hour ribble today

Postby TurboT » 22 May 2022, 08:43

Top report as always :thumb: Fish drought ended with a shower of mud sharks. :clap: :gp:
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Re: Golden hour ribble today

Postby bob1 » 22 May 2022, 08:50

Good result mate and great pics well done :thumb:
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Re: Golden hour ribble today

Postby Terrybrown » 22 May 2022, 09:32

Hi Shane, great report as always, good luck with your session tomorrow, The bass seem plentiful up that end but not at south shore yet. :gp:
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Re: Golden hour ribble today

Postby rob f » 22 May 2022, 09:58

Top report and session Shane :thumb:
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Re: Golden hour ribble today

Postby shacky » 22 May 2022, 10:32

007 the man with the Golden Rod. Well done Shane :clap: Seven attempts and the Lids obliged :thumb:
Billy Bass is waiting for you, go get him. Excellent informal post as always :gp:
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Re: Golden hour ribble today

Postby pros » 22 May 2022, 18:27

Great post Shane, thanks.
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