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Cedros Surf Rods w/Blue & Original Azore Reels!

Spotted something new on the market?? Want advice on which rod or reel?? Post in here.

Cedros Surf Rods w/Blue & Original Azore Reels!

Postby Scuba Chris » 27 Sep 2021, 01:07

Cedros Surf CSX Graphite Saltwater Spinning Rods For Inshore Casting! My All Purpose Inshore Surf Rigs!

My intent today was to put the new Blue Azores 8K & the new Cedros Surf Rod through the paces. The rods are rated for 2-4oz but i used a 3oz lead bank that was a bit on the light side. A 4oz seemed perfect. I feel these Surf Rods need to be re-rated for 3-6oz. They're a lot sturdier then the ratings say it is. Using the Azores 65 & Blue Azores 8K spinners were a great match. A 6K Spinner has worked well but i felt it was to "light" for these rods.

I also use these 2 spinners on the shorter 11' Cedros Surf Rod. It's the sturdiest Heavy edition. Last year i held a large GT on a 11' H Cedros Surf Rod using this same Azores 65 Spinner. Fought it for over 40min before it dove into structure to cut the line. For the shallows i love the balance & feel of these combos. I can cast far & have faith in their power. These are my favorite shallow water Surf Casting rigs. I have 300yd of 50lb braid backing to 10yd of 40lb mono top shot as my shock leader.

For the past week small Jacks are all over the Islands. Known locally as Papio these rats are chasing other fish away to swarm the baits. This is my 3rd spot in a week that was dominated by these Rats. My friend in Kauai Joe Olivas has told me the same is happening there. Every November.

I tried using larger hooks to thicker line but it didn't help. Plus this week has full bright moon nights, A week after the full moon the fishing should be better. I wanted to stay but a stray dog visited me & left. But an hour he came back so i shared my lunch with him. I called the number on his tag so had to go meet his owner. Plus got a push notification of my new back-up video unit arriving this afternoon. My main unit suffered a complete audio loss. So i was forced to use my YI light but the audio was very soft. My new back-up is a YI 4K. Have to keep videoing until i can get my main unit repaired or replaced.
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