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Busted Up Tracershot Jigs Still Works! Don't Throw Away!

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Busted Up Tracershot Jigs Still Works! Don't Throw Away!

Postby Scuba Chris » 29 May 2022, 05:18

Mustad Puts Out Tracershot Jigs That Range From 1/2-11/2oz!

For years i've been spin casting the shallows targeting Jacks using lead egg rigs. The problem is if you need distance you need to increase the weight used. But that also means your chance of snagging the bottom also increases. Recently i've been using Tracershot Jigs by Mustad. Yes, Mustad the hook company.

They range from 1/2 to 11/2oz. I've been using mostly the 3/4oz using a 9'9" rod with 3K/4K sized spinners. Because of the aerodynamic shape i'm making 70/80yd cast from shore & operating in depths of only 2-21/2ft without getting hung-up. If the cross winds pick-up i switch to 1oz so i get no wind knots. And if i go ultra-light i use 4lb monofilament using 1/2oz Tracershots.

But because of toothy predators my Tracershots are getting really chewed-up. Some badly. So i'm saving them up so i can redo all of them the same time. But look carefully at the pics. For us some are really roughed-up looking but they're still hooking fish. I've used many jigs all my life but these Tracershots by Mustad are my first choice! Because they "flutter" down slowly instead of dropping fast like egg leads i haven't hooked bottom casting at 70/80yd away, even in 2ft of water.
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