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Brunswick Rules! My Combat Zone Saw Daylight!

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Brunswick Rules! My Combat Zone Saw Daylight!

Postby Scuba Chris » 09 Oct 2021, 05:07

Went Bowling Today. Used My Favorite Ball The Combat Zone Pearl!

I decided to go & bowl a few games today at Schofield Bowling Center so i got my equipment out of Covid storage. Not only are my bowling shoes falling apart from old age but 5 more balls cracked (4 Storms & a Rotogrip) in a AC climate controlled storage unit. Great. I was in the pocket over 90% of the time today at Schofield Bowl which was good. But my timing was late because i'm badly out of practice. Score wise it was better than i expected. My execution suffered. Might have to go back to a 4-step approach rather then the 5 to regain my timing. But it was nice to see my bowling buddies again (they were the ones with their plastic bags open for free Akule fish).

The 110 X 3 X 65 layout gives me length before it grabs on the dry after sliding through the oil. So it's speed sensitive meaning i can't throw it hard unless i want it to go straight, like for my 10-pin. These older models have extremely thick shells and smaller "lathe" cores that revs up faster & stays continuous. I haven't had a Brunswick ball ever crack on me yet though my best Radical Ball (under Brunswick) did a few years ago. Also Columbia balls don't crack as often as others, even in a hot car or garage. At one time i owned over 100 balls so i'm familiar to brands that have weak cover-stocks.

I've also drilled balls as well and was shocked to see how thin the cover stocks have progressed so companies will save money on materials. Also the balls nowadays will crack sooner compared to many of the pre-2000 balls. You can actually hear that hollow "thonk" when it hits the floor on certain brands. This is just a fun video. Wanted to check how badly my game has suffered. As with most sports will have to correct my timing & practice harder.
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