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Bluefin Jack STRIKES Herring Grub! Was Released:)

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Bluefin Jack STRIKES Herring Grub! Was Released:)

Postby Scuba Chris » 31 Mar 2021, 18:45

Completely Hooked Lures New 4in "Herring" Grub!

Today i decided to try a new deserted cove to try out Landon Yamamoto's new grub lure The Herring. A new style of life-like soft plastic grubs for Completely Hooked Lures. In the first hour i had a hug hit followed by a medium hit, then watched a Barracuda cutting another Herring grub in half. Yup, the fish love them.

It was COLD & the first day in weeks that the sun came out. So i decided to stay and freeze my butt off wading out to the drop-off. After freezing in the water i went back to shore & bingo! A small hit, but a hit that held. My drag was to tight from my previous hit so i was lucky the hook didn't tear out. I did go out at night a week ago & caught a 5gal bucket full of fish, but my new headlamp red light wasn't strong enough to video so decided not to use that night's footage as the quality was very poor.

I tried using a sickle bait-holder hook but threading the hook through 1/4 of the 4in grub caused the grub to run straight (though the fish were hitting it). After texting My Yamamoto on what was going on he suggested hooking the front tip only. Bingo! The lure started zig-zagging and within minutes got a solid hook-up on a young Bluefin Trevally "Omilu". After taking a quick pic i released it back.

I ended up using up all my available Herring grubs. Only brought the new "Halloween" grubs, i stupidly left all the other colors at home with my Mutsu Circle Hooks. So i was forced to use the few new Herrings i had in my insulated cooler backpack & a few loose bait-holder hooks that i had for spin-fishing. But i was happy with the results. Found the optimum way of presenting the grubs & saw that the fish loved the reaction & color.
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