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Postby senatorkenny » 01 Dec 2021, 13:52

Hey good to be back on missing the reports from the lads well done admin :clap: :cheer:
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Re: Back on

Postby rob f » 01 Dec 2021, 15:27

same here Kenny . :thumb:
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Re: Back on

Postby shacky » 01 Dec 2021, 18:39

Yeah...a massive thanks to Dave & Paul for getting us back in-line :champ: :clap: :thumb:
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Re: Back on

Postby Rushy » 01 Dec 2021, 19:34

shacky wrote:Yeah...a massive thanks to Dave & Paul for getting us back in-line :champ: :clap: :thumb:

I can't take any credit other than prodding Paul (not in a sexual way!) to try and fix it. Paul's the computer whizz and should take the credit, cheers Pal

The problem was with the web hosts updating the server whick knocked the forum out of whack. Initially they wouldn't take any responsibility but I think Paul has either badgered them to sort it or taken it on his own to sort it himself. Either way he should take the plaudits! :clap:
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Re: Back on

Postby jonhil14 » 01 Dec 2021, 19:44

come on admit it- who forgot to put the 50p in the meter?
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Re: Back on

Postby Shane ousby » 01 Dec 2021, 20:44

back :clap: :clap:
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Re: Back on

Postby Paul R » 01 Dec 2021, 20:49

Well done :clap:
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Re: Back on

Postby Terrybrown » 01 Dec 2021, 21:20

Thankyou and well done. :clap: Now can someone fix the cod problem ???
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Re: Back on

Postby TurboT » 01 Dec 2021, 22:04

Top job Rushy ,'et al' :victory:

It will be appreciated by many, I'm sure :thumb:
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Re: Back on

Postby JoeRoberts » 01 Dec 2021, 22:06

Well done admin :cheer: I was getting withdrawal symptoms :lol:
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