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Advantages of Using Instinct Fluorocarbon Line!

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Advantages of Using Instinct Fluorocarbon Line!

Postby Scuba Chris » 29 Oct 2021, 20:57

Soft Steel's NEW Abrasion Resistant Fluorocarbon Line! Spool Your Own!

I've used fluorocarbon based leaders for years but never tried fluoro as my mainline due to the cost factor. I'm finally getting in some ordered reels even though some were ordered at the beginning of the year. I have a certain spinning model in mind that i want to try this line on.

When it comes time to start spooling i'm using the Fishon Spooler that i got from Sportsman Innovations. It's roughly the cost of a new medium sized spinning reel. I saw the money that i was throwing away. At a local tackle shop in 2018 i gave my friend that works there 9 assorted spinners ranging from 3000-14000 in size. Took him 2 days and i had to pay over $500. It's because they charge by the yard.

I asked him why spool it to the lip's edge? I had to strip off a lot to show at least an 1/8th of an inch under the lip's edge. He said he had to because the management requires that. Yikes! I compared this incidence to purchasing bulk spools and spooling my own reels without overfilling them. The money i saved on spooling 10 reels ranging from 3000-14000 sizes actually paid for the spooler!

Keep that in mind the next time you need line. Plus it's the satisfaction of doing your own equipment. There are portable non-powered units out there as well. Just be sure the unit accepts the size of the spools you purchase. I'll be spooling this fluorocarbon line on shortly. Just need to hit storage to see what my choices are.

Remember fluorocarbon stretches slightly more than braid but not as much as monofilament. Choose your mainline based on your technique, choice of equipment & your targeted species.
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