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Wobbled bait for pike.

Anything to do with freshwater predators. Pike perch or Zander.

Wobbled bait for pike.

Postby Barbless » 01 Feb 2020, 20:47

I've been wobbling a dead bait for pike .

I've been doing well on small face and roach but thought I could cast just that bit easier and farther with and small trout5/6 inches the silver's are a bit smaller 4/5 And am getting so better takes and fish with the TROUT dead baits .
Any one else found that or is it just me ..

The best fish over the four weeks I've been wobbling is 10 lbs,with a lot of 3/5lbs ,it a very large water and it got loads of greebes with a few cormarants on and off the water .

I've not see any one else piking or fishing but it's winter, and I am keen .

As long as I keep catching, I only go for a hour or two at the last light of the day but it's working ,most I've done in one day was five and worse is one .

And tips would be helpfully and appreciated.
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Re: Wobbled bait for pike.

Postby Barbless » 09 Feb 2020, 18:35

Well I've been out over this week end and the fishing for pike in the mild weather up to now has been v good ,was out in the afternoon just before the wind and rain moved in properly and had a good session with six fish over an hour and the last but one fish was over their ten mark .

Can't wait till the bad weather moves as it hard when the wind is ripping the line up in the air .

Any one else getting out or is the weather to much. :giveup:
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