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Milford Spit, 24 Aug

PostPosted: 27 Aug 2019, 12:02
by bootster
A touch delayed, but I've been away and most people here fish in the NW, so no massive dramas I hope.

Had a match on Milford Spit the weekend, which for those that don't know isn't a million miles from a (very) small Chesil, just not as deep and often with hideous amounts of weed. Bet bet to avoid it is fish the ebb, which we did from 1800 - 0000.

Conditions were bright and very calm, but as the main target were bream with the chance of mackerel and scad that wasn't a massive problem. It was an odd match, being much slower than expected during daylight and then almost completely dying after the sun went down. The odd bream broke the monotony, which added to a bonus 41cm plaice I had first chuck, but otherwise it was oddly quiet. Still, lovely evening to not catch too much.

I had a doggy just after dark and then an undulate around 7lb not long before the end of the match which was punctuated by the odd small bream. Normally this place produces some really good ones, with a fair number over 30cm, but it was hard to get anything more than 20cm or so. Even when they're absent whiting, pout and dogs replace them, but even they were gone.

Oh well, I managed 12 fish, so not too bad, and it was a glorious evening on a wonderful beach with a fantastic sunset and even better moonrise as we were packing up. Oh, and a beautiful plaice for tea. Mustn't grumble really.

Re: Milford Spit, 24 Aug

PostPosted: 27 Aug 2019, 20:10
by Shane ousby
Well in bootster :thumb: top read :thumb: :victory: