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Catch & Keep Your Bait Alive!

PostPosted: 13 Sep 2020, 22:31
by Scuba Chris
Showing My System on Keeping My Bait Alive!

This system works if you're elevated above the water line like on piers & cliffs. On flat sandy reef areas i use meshed collapsible cages. Everyone has their own system. Either way all my bait holding cages collapse so there's no storage problems walking to my areas. My leader line is 4lb monofilament & i use mostly #12-16 limerick styled hooks for my bait. If the bait around is larger i up my leaders to 6lb mono & #4-8 hooks. You can also use pre-rigged damashi leaders, but i prefer bait as sometimes i leave my rig set & the fish strikes on it's own.

There are many ways of hooking your bait and keeping them alive. I like this system as it doesn't take much space hiking in & there's no need for buckets or pumps. If i'm day casting i don't catch bait. This is for fishing at night.