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Greys Apollo Neoprene Gloves

PostPosted: 28 Nov 2012, 17:06
by nuttyprot
Greys Apollo Neoprene Gloves


Product Description
Elasticated cuffs for easy fit. Flip-back fore finger and thumb for intricate work. Safer grip palm. Ultimate warmth for Arctic conditions

Available in sizes: S, M, L & XL.

One of the most vital parts of fishing in the winter is keeping warm and knowing this I decided to get kitted out with thermals. One of the many items I purchased was a pair of Greys Apollo Neoprene Gloves you can expect to pay £9-£15 for a pair I paid £10.99.

Decided to go fishing with newly fitted out thermal gear (I shall do reviews on the other items later). The gloves do keep your hands nice and warm but sadly less than 10mins into fishing the seams on the right glove had started to come away leaving a hole. Sadly the seam coming away was just a start of what was to come as the left glove seams started coming away this time it was the whole side rendering the glove useless and my hands cold.

I took the gloves back to the shop the next day and replaced them with another identical pair in hope that I had just gotten a bad pair. Sadly this was not the case the pattern repeated itself with the seams coming away I have now taken the gloves back to the shop and am awaiting delivery of a different brand of glove to replace them.

1 out of 10 item became useless in less than one fishing session

Re: Greys Apollo Neoprene Gloves

PostPosted: 19 May 2014, 15:40
by billy bennett
I know this is and old review, but every pair of neoprene gloves I have ever owned seem to split at the seams. never had Grays gloves but have had several other makes (can't remember the makes now as I ended up binning the lot) I found Super glue held longer than the stitching.
Now I use Zippo hand warmers to keep my fingers toasty, they work on normal lighter fuel (Petrol) and stay warm for about 8 hrs +. if you remove them from the velvet bag they come in it lets more air in and some times they get so hot its not easy to hold them, by putting them into your inner pocket in your floaty they keep your entire torso warm.putting them back in the bag cools them back down again.
Don't confuse them with the bags of goo activated by a snappy thing inside the bag, they are about 10 times hotter than those.