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Uni Knot Over The Arbor Knot For Spooling Line!?

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Uni Knot Over The Arbor Knot For Spooling Line!?

Postby Scuba Chris » 10 Jan 2021, 19:32

My NEW Go To Knot For Spooling Braid On My Reels!

During the Covid19 "stay at home" orders i decided to re-spool all my reels. Took over a month. I wasn't happy using the Arbor Knot & modified it w/extra loops. But the finished knot was bulbous & stuck out. Recently i found using a Uni Knot in the way i portrayed made a super strong knot that got tighter when you increased the pulling pressure. Even on thin diameter braid line. I wetted the line but it still held with no slippage.

I found my preferred knot for tying line to the barren spools. No tape is needed unless it's an older model with no "knurled" surface. I can't tell you how satisfying it it to own your own portable spooling station. I'm saving a lot of money yearly because i'm getting bulk spools instead of tackle shops charging me by the yard. The cost is a one-time cost. Roughly the same as purchasing a quality rod or reel. Trust me on this.

Didn't want to share this until i felt sure that the Uni Knot was a better option over the well received Arbor Knot. I'm sure back in the day when spoolers lined the smooth spool surface with tape that there was friction to secure the line. Now i'm sure.
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Re: Uni Knot Over The Arbor Knot For Spooling Line!?

Postby shacky » 10 Jan 2021, 20:01

I have used the Uni Knot for years!. Mainly for tying shockleader to either mono or braid. It’s also a good knot to use on rigs and hook tying, as you say it tightens in use. For me, best knot by far :thumb:
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