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Traditional Chinese Steamed Fish!

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Traditional Chinese Steamed Fish!

Postby Scuba Chris » 26 Mar 2019, 07:44

Use This Recipe To "WOW" Your Friends!

In Hawaii Pacific Threadfin, known locally as Moi is a much sought after shoreline species. This was the fish of Royalty in Hawaii. In ancient times Moi was only reserved for royalty, no "commoner" could eat this tasty fish. It was Kapu "forbidden" to do so. Today it is still a much sought after shoreline saltwater species.

So when i get a Moi i considered it a crime to simply fan fry it. So i texted my buddy Chef Charlie who took on the challenge on making all of us dinner with this as the premiere course. I've done this in the past myself but Charlie knew the process in detail & the reasons why. So he agreed to steam the Moi in traditional Chinese style. The flavors were locked-in at the end & it was the first dish that disappeared. My thanks goes out to Charlie!
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