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Throbshaw Point, Heysham, day/night 13/7/19

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Throbshaw Point, Heysham, day/night 13/7/19

Postby StevieA » 14 Jul 2019, 12:29

As part of my Bay campaign, I had intended to fish low water at Knott End, but after being delayed by plumbers (again), I opted to go local for the 10pm high water. A fresh westerly had been blowing all day, and with the tide at 8.4m, the usual marks at Throbshaw Point would be swamped. Ocean Edge would be a safer bet. I did fancy the rocks, though. This was the dilemma as I pedalled up the road toward the junction. Turn left and play it safe? What the hell - I turned right.

Throbshaw Point in a fresh westerly.

I only arrived a couple of hours before high and so the usual marks were already taken. There was a bit of swell, though, and the wind was whipping up a few white horses, so I figured they'd be in trouble later. Oddly, the only mark that wasn't likely to be swamped was vacant. I bagged it before anyone else twigged.

Anglers have been bemoaning the lack westerlies recently. Well lads, here it is. Let's see if it makes a difference. I set up on the topmost rock to avoid the spray and got two rods out baited with lug and squid. Casting into the wind took a few yards off, but it's no deeper further out so I wasn't too bothered.


Last time here, I watched a smooth-hound tow my rod around the bay. Though targetting plaice and bass, I backed off the drag just in case. Lesson learned.

Nothing for the first hour, then a plaice turned up. Not seen one for a while. Lovely creature. Takeable, but I popped it back.

Hello stranger

Fifteen minutes later, a little shiver on the rod tip prefaced a tope pup. Not had one of those from here before.

tope and bass.jpg
Couple of bass and a flurry of tope pups

By now, the other anglers had packed up in the face of the building swell and spray. I was cut off, though, so committed till nearly midnight.

As the sun dipped, I was kept busy with a couple of bass and a steady trickle of tope pups. While unhooking one, I heard a rattle then the zzzz of line being pulled off the other reel. No way was this rod going for a swim. Straight away I knew it was a biggie. I tightened up the drag but couldn't reel it in so let it zig-zag about. After a couple of minutes of give and take the line suddenly went slack. NOOOOOOO!!!! I reeled in to find it had tugged the crimp down to the weight clip and that the knot there had then unravelled. Damn it. I'd checked all the rig knots before starting. All bar one, that is. Because the weight clip knot isn't that important, is it? Not having much joy with smooth-hounds lately.

Mmm, tricky

Next up was another tope pup, mocking me with its minuteness. I was still cursing my bad luck (not bad luck at all, of course), when the reel fizzed again. It was properly dark now, and with the boom and spray of waves, somewhat disorientating. There was a nervous moment as the line slackened, but I could still feel some resistance and knew it was simply swimming toward me. Sure enough, soon as it got near the rocks, it took off again. Bit of a quandary now because I had no good place to land it. Normally, I would land a decent-sized fish on the wave-lapped shelf to the right, but under this wind it was boiling and frothing. What to do? The longer I delayed, the more likely it would dive into the weed-covered crevices around the rocks. In the end, it wasn't too difficult. I surfed it onto the shelf on one wave then nipped down and grabbed it before the next wave came in. And what a beauty: a starry smooth-hound of around 8lb.

At last! 8lb starry smooth-hound.


As I waited for the channel to empty behind me, the wind suddenly dropped. And with a touch of stardust, Jupiter appeared next to the Moon. Usually it feels a trudge back up to the old church. Not this time.

2019 Species Hunt: whiting, five bearded rockling, codling, dogfish, flounder, plaice, dab, thornback ray, silver eel, starry smooth-hound, bass, common smooth-hound, Dover sole, tope
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Re: Throbshaw Point, Heysham, day/night 13/7/19

Postby bob1 » 14 Jul 2019, 13:18

Good result again Stevie well done :gp: and pics :thumb:
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Re: Throbshaw Point, Heysham, day/night 13/7/19

Postby shacky » 14 Jul 2019, 13:52

Good effort and a Great result :clap: Back on hallowed ground and in the mix, Super, Well done :thumb: :gp:
2019 AA Species Hunt...Dab, Whiting, Codling, Flounder, Dogfish, Plaice, Bass, Turbot, Dover Sole, Starry Smoothound, Common Smoothound, Weaver, Tope.
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Re: Throbshaw Point, Heysham, day/night 13/7/19

Postby Paul R » 14 Jul 2019, 14:47

Well done great result, :fish: :clap:
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Re: Throbshaw Point, Heysham, day/night 13/7/19

Postby rob f » 14 Jul 2019, 15:05

great session stevie :gp: and pics :thumb:
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Re: Throbshaw Point, Heysham, day/night 13/7/19

Postby Padsta Tel » 14 Jul 2019, 15:33

Exciting read Steve you’ll have your own fishing programme on telly very soon. :gp: :gp: :gp: :gp:
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Re: Throbshaw Point, Heysham, day/night 13/7/19

Postby pensioner pete » 14 Jul 2019, 20:08

Well done, great session and a nice mix of fish.
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Re: Throbshaw Point, Heysham, day/night 13/7/19

Postby Shane ousby » 14 Jul 2019, 20:33

Around the bay in seven days :thumb: well done S :thumb: :victory: :gp:
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Re: Throbshaw Point, Heysham, day/night 13/7/19

Postby JoeRoberts » 14 Jul 2019, 21:29

It had to be a bagging session after the last few, well done Stevie :thumb:
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Re: Throbshaw Point, Heysham, day/night 13/7/19

Postby Neild » 15 Jul 2019, 11:10

Great result cracking session..
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