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The Bigloo

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The Bigloo

Postby skatenchips » 24 Nov 2014, 00:22

Do me a favour can somebody give me the weight difference tween the igloo and the bigloo....

I'm told the igloo is around 4kg,,,,

so if somebody can gimme a heads up on the weight I then then choose which one to order.

plus if any members have a bigloo and can reply with any feedback so much the better.


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Re: The Bigloo

Postby Pike » 24 Nov 2014, 00:30

Haven't got a clue what this is about mate, so very sorry can't help, but I will be keeping my eye on this post. :) :) :) when we getting a new recipe ??? ??? Hope your well :thumb: :thumb:
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Re: The Bigloo

Postby grandadruss » 24 Nov 2014, 12:29

Hi Gazza
Just been looking at a few reviews on them both,struggling to find weights for them though.
What I noticed is that the Shakespeare Salt gets good reviews.
Might be worth a look at one of those. :thumb:
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Re: The Bigloo

Postby skatenchips » 24 Nov 2014, 12:58

sorry Pike,still stuck at home in bed with Bronchitus for 3 weeks so aint been fishing and no enthusiasm to cook begger all mate to be some ideas though when I'm up and about.

yer ok Russ,undecided on what to get as my own Ron Thompson is threadbare mate.

a few fellers round here use the original Igloos but I've sat in them on the beach but saw that
with no door there prone to the wind blowing in if yuv not positioned it right..... I like to take the odd cooker to the beach and cook my catch I wanted something a bit more akin
to what I've got,hense me asking about the BIGLOO as it has a door....just didn't know what the weight differences were tween the two.
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Re: The Bigloo

Postby Propernoddy » 24 Nov 2014, 17:32

don't know weights etc or about the bigloo but the igloo is an ace bit of kit tbh well worth the money imo
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