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Postby abbo » 12 Aug 2018, 17:08

A warm fog hugs the contours of the land, clearing momentarily to reveal broken trees, boulders and scree slopes like dark scars inflicted on a forlorn landscape. The deep dark green valley cloaked with layers of dark myths, is a place where few bass anglers tread and holds tight on it's secret.

The car pulls into the very edge of the cliff top at dusk, to a sky the colour of charcoal and a cruel wind rushing up from the sea.

The warm glow and smell of BBQ, from the, local farming waste hay dumps, littered around the hills gives way to the darkness of the front. Where the sea thunders and the last smudge of daylight leaks away into the salt water.
Its brutal down here at the end of a brisk southerly wind. I'm wondering if I should risk these conditions on my own or take shelter in a cave, honed by the sea, digging into the clay hillside.

The cave gives some respite, whilst I wait to see if the conditions settle. The damp musty cave leaks water, filtered from the hillside above but, is sheltered from the wind. I fall asleep tired from a long set of night shifts, which have caught up with me.

Forty minutes of a deep saturated sleep. I'm awoken by soil spilling, from the wet clay ceiling, landing feet away. Its enough for me to move my lazy tired ass out, on to, the sand and shingle beach.

The shingle, quickly changes to soft sand as the low water big tides takes me further away from the shoreline.

The topography has changed so much in the 8 years of my fishing here. The once boulder striven sand is now just pure sand with the odd tuft of Turks Head kelp. This, all thanks to climate change and the harsh battering from natures best.

The sea is rolling in, pure blue water. Great for surf bass fishing. The size of the surf dropping to just about fishable levels. In between rolls, a smooth blue sea, you could almost tweak a pathinko in it. I decide not to, an stick to tried and trusted methods.

I start with the Savage Gear Line through but, It's not biting into the surf and I'm just not feeling it, same with Shoreline shiner. The blue zonk feels better but, after 20 minutes I change to a 30g Nacre Savage Gear seeker.

Walloppppppppppppp, top lip, hooked securely,


Bang, hit, kapow, pull down, few head shakes


58 and 56 cm.[/B][/I]

I Fish hard a few hours after dawn, ignoring my brains cry's for food and a hot drink. I decide to have a fresh brew and stay another day.



Pitch tent and see newbie lureanglersonline Steve Jones.

Back again early dusk, A warmer calmer evening

Image 58cm again can't get bigger

Onto the rocks on the flood. My new Primus from Sunslicker does the business, x 2 – reeled in real slow. Before being lost to another ridiculous Turkish kelp's head.



One more before I go. Tent down a quick chat with Steve and I'm,back to jail for another four shifts

Already, dreaming of my next adventure.

Cheers all Abbo.
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Re: Tenting

Postby pros » 12 Aug 2018, 20:14

Brilliant post, thanks.
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Re: Tenting

Postby Shane ousby » 12 Aug 2018, 20:35

Abbo an excellent report,you describe everything in such detail you feel like you're there,a top report mate.thanks for posting and good luck on your next adventure :gp: :victory:
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Re: Tenting

Postby starfish » 13 Aug 2018, 10:18

Top report :gp: :fishing:
starfish sea fishing. You tube.
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