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Spin Casting A Shimano On A Lamiglas!

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Spin Casting A Shimano On A Lamiglas!

Postby Scuba Chris » 29 Mar 2018, 06:31


Another term for spin casting is whipping. For me i incorporate a few choice products to be used in the field to help me be more efficient. Today i'm using a Shimano Spheros SW6000 (SW is the Salt Water edition) mounted on a Lamiglas 11' Insane Surf. I decided to use "beefier" gear then i normally would since this location (Chocolate Beach at West Loch, Pearl Harbor, Oahu, HI) has produced big hits in the past like GT's & sharks.

Breakaway Canon: Helps casting braided spinners by taking the braid off the fingertip during the cast. This enables the angler to cast much farther without risking painful "braid cuts". Also i'll demonstrate how to side-mount the canon rather then directly under the rod as instructed. This actually helps in casting even farther.

Spool Line Elastic Keeper: Some fixed spool spinners don't come with elastic bands to keep the spool's line from unraveling. I'll show a cheap working alternative that not only works but costs under a dollar.

LineDancer: I'll demonstrate how to use these simple units that sends out vibrations through the line to the lure. This mimics the vibration that wounded fish emit.

Bell Holder: For spin casting & plugging. I'll show how this simple device can be used to safely house the hooks when traveling.

Leaders: Length & type of leaders used. Also the knots i use. Everyone has their favorite, i'll show you mine. The palomar & improved clinch knots is what i use.

Taka Flies- Hand tied flies made in Hawaii by Art Takamiya.

I usually prepare my gear the night ahead of time so when i arrive at my intended site i can start casting immediately. On this outing i purposely do my set-up on location to show how i prepare my equipment. I hope this will help the new angler develop good casting work ethics.
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