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Sandside info

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Sandside info

Postby ash 81 » 26 Dec 2017, 19:24

Evening all,

Hope everyone had a good Christmas . I've managed to to blag myself a trip out fishing for the morning tide on Friday (does mean the ball and chain is coming with me tho :blah: ).

Because the weather given a bit of rain I was thinking of sand side instead of Arnside so she can hide in the van when it pisses down. Only problem is I've never fished sandside, so could you beautiful people tell me where is best on the front. I know you can park on the road but as it will be pitch black I'm unsure if there are any snaggy areas to avoid.

Cheers for any info

Hope everyone has a great new year and a 2018 full of fishy fun :fish: :cheer:
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Re: Sandside info

Postby billbob » 27 Dec 2017, 18:21

Its largely snag free along Sandside, the tide is only 8m so it shouldn't flood the road. I havnt fished it for a while but the channel should be at the roadside. Just fish in the main channel and you should catch. I always fish light there with just a feeder rod for better indication. Hope you have a good session. Think on the bright side, at least you will have someone to pour the coffee or pass you a sandwich! :lol:
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Re: Sandside info

Postby sharpey » 28 Dec 2017, 17:03

The channel was a good way out last time I was there, it curves in and is accessible nearer the point where the road rises up to the old railway bridge. But you’ll be ok along the road, bore won’t be big, and there’s no snaggy areas. Fresh, frozen tipped with mackerel, or even mackerel on its own should bring a few fish. Good luck.

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