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River Lune fishing rights

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River Lune fishing rights

Postby benhben » 11 Jan 2021, 12:19

I am after some info on who owns coarse fishing rights along the lower stretches of the river lune. I'm hoping to search the river for pike and perch on lures. Starting around Lancaster at the skerton tidal weir up to the old railway bridges around Halton.

There is next to no up to date info online for this. I've been given advice that the skerton stretch is EA owned and therefore just a rod license. There are old reports the Halton area was owned by Lansil fishery, but this seems non-existent online. I'm assuming the club is no longer operating.

Thanks for any help

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Re: River Lune fishing rights

Postby liphook » 11 Jan 2021, 15:26

You'll want to speak to one of the lads in the local tackle shops for up to date info as it's been about 15 years since I all but stopped fishing the Lune.
The EA beats were divided into three separate section's of Lansil and Halton upper and lower. A day ticket was required on top of any rod licence, it was £12 - £15 per day from the Scarthwaite Hotel back then BUT they didn't allow coarse fishing as these were seen as strictly game fishing beats. That's the true Left bank (looking down stream) around Halton weir. The right hand bank was all private water including the Luneside Engineering Syndicate where I was a member - again all closely guarded salmon fishing. It was £650 a year when I last paid subs. Below Skirton weir was the Lansil club water and they did allow coarse angling - it was a club run from the Lansil Social Club which I'd imagine will be closed at the moment due to the virus. I heard of big catches of bream in the days before the mitten crabs took hold. Good luck with it Ben but remember you are on once famous and highly prized game water that is not known for holding any coarse fish above its tidal stretch. If I can help anymore then drop me PM I've contact details for owners and keepers who may be able to tell you more.
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Re: River Lune fishing rights

Postby benhben » 22 Jan 2021, 12:49

Did a bit of digging. Lansil Sports and Social Club currently own the fishing rights on both banks of a 2 mile stretch from the Halton weir at the narrow road bridge (old toll bridge) down to the canal aqueduct bridge. They offer both day ticket and annual membership and coarse fishing is allowed. Coarse season tickets are pretty reasonable.

The lower stretches around Halton weir are EA owned and simply require an EA rod license. This is the advice of a local tackle shop although I have heard it is an EA day ticket from other sources. The lack of info and no bank signage means to me a bailiff would struggle to enforce anything other than EA license.

I have also heard reports of big coarse fish in the upper Halton beats around the old rail bridges that are now cycle path bridges. Haven't been able to find any info on who owns this area.

North of this to north of Caton and Denny Beck picnic area is Lancaster district anglers and is purely available for salmon fishing.

The Lower stretches of the lune around Lancaster seem quite disorganised and even the clubs aren't 100% sure of their stretches and costs. It would be difficult for any bailiff to argue the fishing rights are clear and concise, not that I am advocating ignoring them.

There are stories of some big coarse fish on the lune but not in great numbers and difficult to locate. Think I will investigate with some day ticket fishing before deciding on a membership. Ill post any catches to anyone interested.
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