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Review of the new H20 Bite Alert

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Review of the new H20 Bite Alert

Postby Kev P » 02 Dec 2011, 22:26

I bought a H20 Bite Alert yesterday from Gerry's Fishing and tried it last night! I thought it was great!

It came in very handy last night, I was away from my rod for a while whilst trying to pump a few worms and I got a bite, I notice the standard flashing green light changed to a flashing red straight away, so bite and fish on!

It stood up to the standard overhead, pendulum and off the ground casts with no movement or slippage!

The H20 Bite Alert has been designed to respond to bite type movements, but not to wave or tide action


The light is visible at a distance, ideal if you like to have a wander up the beach or not stand by your rod all the time!

The product is primarily composed of two parts, the clip(two sizes supplied and the illumination ball, it has two fittings one for smaller course rods and one for sea rods, the product has a two way clip, very easy to fix on to the rod tip, the item is battery powered, to use the product you screw the illumination ball down on to the clip section a rubber plunger presses through the bottom of the clip holding firmly in place on the rod tip.

It seems like a well made a quality product.

it gets the :thumb: from me!

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Re: Review of the new H20 Bite Alert

Postby Padsta Tel » 03 Dec 2011, 16:24

Thanks for that Kev will have to get a couple. :thumb: :thumb: :thumb: :thumb:
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Re: Review of the new H20 Bite Alert

Postby Rushy » 03 Dec 2011, 16:26

Good review Kev, I agree they will come into their own when you're fishing & pumping at the same time :thumb: they're cheap enough too
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Re: Review of the new H20 Bite Alert

Postby Paul » 03 Dec 2011, 18:02

Nice little review there buddy :thumb: :clap: :clap:
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Re: Review of the new H20 Bite Alert

Postby daz blackpool » 03 Dec 2011, 19:41

great revue kev will defo have to invest in one anyone else from blackpool thinking as we can share postage :thumb:
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Re: Review of the new H20 Bite Alert

Postby thegentlegiant » 03 Dec 2011, 19:46

Great review thanks, sold loads today so get in this coming week and get yours :-)
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Re: Review of the new H20 Bite Alert

Postby phill 85 » 04 Dec 2011, 14:32

Crackin :thumb: :thumb: :D g report kev
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Re: Review of the new H20 Bite Alert

Postby Mike T » 04 Dec 2011, 15:32

cracking report went and got 1 this morning looks good the only thing is it looks like a big bell end on the end of my rod,

want to get out and try it but working the next 2 nights was going to try get out this afternoon before work but don't know what to do
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