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Quick reel questio from a newbie

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Quick reel questio from a newbie

Postby Alexandr87 » 15 Feb 2019, 14:01

Hi everyone,
I am just starting my career in fly fishing, and I am in process of collecting all gear I need for the upcoming season. Now, I've got some tackle as a present, and I have recently bought an 8' rod (eagle claw). I was looking for a reel and decided to ask you folks on the forum before buying one.
I came across these 2, both seem to have nice reviews:
Okuma ... -reel.html
Martin ... 80443.html
Just wanted to make sure I am going to the right direction. Alo, don't get me wrong, but I am not ready to spend hundreds for a reel, at least for now. Just in case something goes wrong, you know.
So I was thinking of a nice affordable reel.
ANy comments/help are appreciated!

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Re: Quick reel questio from a newbie

Postby Granvillen » 15 Feb 2019, 15:42

Hi Alex You didn't say what weight line your rod would take or if you are fishing rivers or still water, 8foot rod is ok for a river but if you are going after rainbows in reservoirs you really need a nine foot six or 10ft rod. The reel in my eyes is irrelevant, its nice to have a good reel but most of my fish are played on the line, so the reel is only for winding your line on, you would have to get into a decent fish to play it on the reel. so when you do buy a reel make sure you get one to fit the fly line and backing.
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