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Overnighter on the Llyn pennisula

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Overnighter on the Llyn pennisula

Postby abbo » 21 Sep 2017, 11:10

My mate Sedge hurt his back, he ummed and arrrrrrd for days about going fishing. Eventually, he had a last minute fitness test and failed.
I decided to go on my own. An overnighter.

Did I say I bought another bag? (mountain range) to help carry bigger loads.
I'd had enough of bags hanging over my arms, shoulder and neck. I purchased a mountain bag - put everything in and load up like a royal marines bergen. I put my tent, sleeping bag, kettle, food, drink and lure stuff all together as orderly as I could.
I was now a mountain marineproper hard I am. :cheer: :blah:


After the long drive to the coast. I was quickly out of the car, bergen on my back. Oeuff, it was heavy - respect to the marines. One advantage is, your off out, a lot quicker like this.

A 30 minute walk down a steep hill, past a gushing mountain water fall, down the steps and I'm there, at last - phew. That was tough. Should be easier coming back I'm thinking - no water or food to carry.

Before pitching my tent, I fished high water for an hour into darkness - nothing to show for it. The sea nice and flat on this south facing beach. The sea flattened by a 10 mph NNE breeze.

So, ok - I'm on my own, miles from the nearest house or road and no phone signal. A bit risky but, I like it.
A fire lit, made with washed up wood taken from feasting sand lice and rubbish (bits of paper and rope)
A coffee & sausage roll a ten minute chill. No road traffic noise, tv or idle chatter just the sea and the odd bird noise.
Waders left over a rock to dry near the fire. The alarm set for low water 01:30 hours.
I don't know why I just find it so exciting - love being out like this proper freedom


The low water session was proper rubbish not one single bite or even an inquiry. I gave 100 minutes - then got back into my sleeping bag for another couple of hours kip.

High water and day light. The sun peeping it's head over the mountain top. I headed half mile from the beach onto some elevated rocks - fish were jumping 30 yards out. What a change for high water.

A bass or Pollock almost every cast - the new Tenryu Swat bending nicely into diving pollocks or feisty small bass .
A couple of fish placed into a fast filling rock pool, seeing them spill over a weir into the sea pleases me.


Two hours after high it went quiet. I had enough time to light up the kettle. Piping hot coffee to wash down the obligatory croissants.

Now then, just the small matter of the arduous challenge of lumping the bergen back up the hill.
"Lets have itttttttttt"

Another adventure over - Just aches and pains in my thighs and back to soothe over the next few day's.

Cheers all.
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Re: Overnighter on the Llyn pennisula

Postby Shane ousby » 21 Sep 2017, 12:41

Brilliant report " more to be said :gp: :thumb:
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Re: Overnighter on the Llyn pennisula

Postby liphook » 21 Sep 2017, 13:37

Spot on Abbo :thumb: You can't beat a bit of wild camping with a brew from a kellykettle :gp:
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Re: Overnighter on the Llyn pennisula

Postby rob f » 21 Sep 2017, 15:19

Great report mate :thumb:
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Re: Overnighter on the Llyn pennisula

Postby starfish » 21 Sep 2017, 17:52

nice i like it :thumb:
starfish sea fishing. You tube.
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Re: Overnighter on the Llyn pennisula

Postby Dids » 22 Sep 2017, 16:35

Excellent report buddy good stuff :gp:
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Re: Overnighter on the Llyn pennisula

Postby hughie » 07 Oct 2017, 22:11

love reading you reports abbo, sounds like you had a brilliant time. can't wait for the next one. :thumb:
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Re: Overnighter on the Llyn pennisula

Postby sharpey » 08 Oct 2017, 12:22

Superb read. Well reported....

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Re: Overnighter on the Llyn pennisula

Postby jonniace » 11 Oct 2017, 13:54

Brilliant report mate, you can't beat getting away from everything now and again :gp:
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